NAERLS Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Registration Portal

By | June 9, 2024

NAERLS, which stands for the National Agricultural Extension & Research Liaison Services, is responsible for coordinating agricultural research and facilitating the dissemination of improved farming techniques and technologies to farmers in Nigeria. Every year, NAERLS recruits new officers and agents to help achieve its goals and serve farmers across the country.

The application and registration process for NAERLS recruitment 2024/2025 will likely open within the next year and applications can be submitted on the portal at This blog post provides information on the NAERLS recruitment application portal and registration process to help prospective applicants prepare adequately.

Overview of NAERLS

NAERLS was established in 1988 under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Its mandate is to connect research institutes with agricultural development programs and ensure that farmers benefit from improved technologies and innovations. NAERLS has offices and outreach agents stationed in all 36 states across Nigeria.

Some responsibilities of NAERLS include:

• Gathering feedback from farmers on their needs and challenges.
• Commissioning research to develop solutions to field problems identified.
• Testing and adapting new technologies to suit the diverse agro-ecological conditions in Nigeria.
• Promoting the adoption of improved agricultural technologies among end users – smallholder farmers.
• Training extension agents on innovations and best agronomic practices.
• Monitoring the effectiveness and impact of agricultural technologies transferred to farmers.

By recruiting motivated individuals across academia and the public sector, NAERLS coordinates nationwide efforts to boost agricultural productivity in line with Nigeria’s food security goals.

NAERLS Recruitment 2024/2025

NAERLS usually recruits new personnel every two years. The last recruitment was in 2022 for the 2022/2023 cycle. We expect the next NAERLS recruitment to be for 2024/2025 between September 2023 to January 2024.

Available Positions

The following positions are usually open for applications:

1. Assistant Chief Agricultural Extension & Research Liaison Officer
2. Senior Agricultural Extension & Research Liaison Officer I & II
3. Principal Agricultural Extension & Research Liaison Officer
4. Senior Research Extension & Liaison Officer
5. Principal Research Extension & Liaison Officer
6. Assistant Chief Research Extension & Liaison Officer
7. Agricultural Extension & Research Liaison Officer I & II

Qualification Requirements

To qualify for any NAERLS career positions, applicants must have:

• Bachelor’s degree (BSc or BAgric) or higher national diploma (HND) from a recognized institutions. Preference for agriculture, agricultural extension, crop production, animal science, and related programs.
• National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) discharge or exemption certificate for bachelor’s degree holders.
• Strong English communication skills. Knowledge of major Nigerian languages is an advantage for field officer roles.
• Computer skills including Microsoft Office packages.

In addition, each advertised position requests a minimum number of years of professional work experience in related roles.

NAERLS Recruitment Application Registration Process

The NAERLS recruitment registration process involves the following steps:

Online Application

Interested and qualified candidates complete the NAERLS job registration forms online at the dedicated portal – Applicants fill in inaccurate personal information, academic qualifications, work experience, Languages spoken, and other biodata as required. It is essential to supply functional contact details including email addresses and phone numbers for communication.

Aptitude Tests

Candidates successfully registered on the NAERLS portal may undergo computer-based screening tests to assess their logical reasoning abilities, communication competence, and other parameters relevant to the job roles. The exams help eliminate unqualified applicants.

Interview Shortlisting

After the tests, NAERLS shortlists candidates based on merit for the interview stage. This involves document verification of credentials submitted to validate claims on education and work experience. Candidates receive communication on interview dates, times, and locations via the contacts provided.

Panel Interviews

Finally, NAERLS organizes interview sessions where panels composed of senior officers in the organization assess shortlisted applicants. Candidates pick interview questions randomly and respond within the allocated times. The interview performance determines the final selection.

Tips for NAERLS Job Application

To improve their chances, below are useful tips for NAERLS job applicants:

• Start making preparations before the application portal opens. Compile all relevant documents ready to upload including certificates and updated CV.
• Apply immediately after application commences to beat stipulated deadlines. Do not delay submission.
• Provide accurate credentials that can be verified if shortlisted. Do not falsify claims.
• Brush up on general knowledge about agriculture and NAERLS mandate. Also, revise subjects related to your discipline. These help with tests/interviews.
• Attend aptitude tests and interview sessions as scheduled without excuses or delays to avoid disqualification.
• Answer interview questions confidently while highlighting your competencies and passion for the role.

NAERLS remains a top career choice for agriculture and extension service professionals in Nigeria. Getting shortlisted and hired is highly competitive given limited vacancies compared to a large pool of applicants annually. Start your preparations now, follow the guidelines provided in this post, and apply as soon as NAERLS opens registrations. This will give you the best chance of success in the 2024/2025 recruitment exercise.

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